Troop 2322 Fundraising Activities


Troop 2322 fundraising activities include American Flag subscriptions, Popcorn Sales, and other various fundraising activities throughout the year. These event provides Troop 2322 with the funding it needs to buy a troop flag, camping gear, and pay for site registrations. It also helps pay for the scouts merit badges and training essentials.

The selling of flag subscriptions and Scout Popcorn by your Scout(s) provides several learning experiences for him. In addition to earning commission money to be used directly by him for his Scout related expenses, this is also how Troop 2322 funds its activities. Fundraising also reinforces skills learned in how to organize an activity, communicate with people, keep accurate records and deal with money management. Scouting is designed to be boy run; the boys lose this opportunity when parents take on these responsibilities.

For more information about Scout Popcorn, please click on the following image.

Trails End Popcorn

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