Merit Badges at HMNS on 21 Oct

Choose between three different Merit Badge classes on Oct. 21, including the Eagle-required Personal Management class! Also offered are the Astronomy Merit Badge, which covers the wonders of the night sky, and the Chemistry Merit Badge, which examines how substances interact with each other.

A 2nd opportunity to earn the Astronomy Merit Badge will be at the George Observatory on 11 Nov.  The class includes a telescope viewing and covers a variety of topics, from events in outer space to how we study the night sky.   Sign up at here.

Fridge Notes

2017-2018 Events

October 2                         Court of Honor

October 20-22               Fort Travis Campout

November 3                   Salute to Soldier Dinner

November 5                   Salute to Soldier Breakfast

November 17-21            Fall Camp, Camp Karankawa

December 10                  iFLY Indoor Skydiving

January 13-15                Lost Maples Campout

Feb TBD date                 Houston Zoo Camp in

March 10-14                   Palo Duro Spring Break

April   13-15                    Huntsville State Park

May  4-6                          Galveston State Park

June 24-30                     Summer Camp Wehinahpay

July                                  Camp in TBD

Popcorn Fundraiser, Fort Travis Campout

For those who are selling popcorn, there are some new deadlines due to the area flooding.

Take Orders due                               November 10, 2017
Take Orders distribution                    December 2, 2017
Monies due to the council                 December 16, 2017

We have changed the Fort Travis campout from September to October 20-22, sign up is open.

Adult Volunteers Needed

The scouts have their annual planning meeting this weekend, which means we will be beginning normal monthly weekend camping.  They have some great things planned for the upcoming year. In order to make a great program for the scouts, the troop is in need of some volunteers to take the positions below asap.  I have put in  the descriptions below.

The committee and ASMs meet monthly for 60-90 minutes. Please remember that by offering spending a little time helps make the program great for the scouts.  Our next meeting will be Thursday August 17th at 7pm, all parents are encouraged to attend.

Having a great program, keeps the kids in scouting!  Feel free to email me with questions about the positions.

Committee Chair

Coordinate with ASMs and committee members to ensure program runs effectively. Send out troop communication.  Upload advancement to council.

Medical Forms Coordinator

Ensure all scouts have proper medical forms turned in, and are current by BSA standards.

Event coordinator position (mostly during meetings)

The event coordinator is responsible for keeping up with the committee/ASMs to make certain event is reserved and coordinated.

Popcorn Kernel (August-October, mostly during meeting times)

Coordinate the popcorn fundraiser.  Promote popcorn sales, place popcorn order, distribute to scouts, coordinate with treasurer for payment.

Assistant Scoutmasters (Monday meetings, monthly planning meeting and campouts)

Assistant Scoutmasters (ASMs) help operate the troop programming.  ASMs provide the required two-deep leadership standards set by the BSA  and serve as mentors for youth leaders.  ASMs work with the PLC, SPL, ASPLs, Troop Instructors, Troop Guides, and Advancement Coordinator to facilitate Scout advancements.

Upcoming Meetings

The Scuba and Snorkel Awards will be on July 29th.  The cost is $45 and includes pizza for lunch.  Please get signed up!

Our normal committee and planning meeting will be rescheduled, as some of our key leaders are out of town.

Also, we will have our annual planning meeting coming up soon.  This meeting is where the scouts plan the entire next year of events.  All scouts should attend and bring ideas of things they would like to do, or places they may want to camp.  Parents and scouts should review the information on camps and activities!

More Info On Summer Camp

We have finalized the cost for the travel, lodging and meals on the road the
cost to be $130 per attendee. This payment will be due the meeting prior to
summer camp departure. This cost will cover the fuel charge, meals on the
way to camp and back. Departure will be June 10th, they will need a sack
breakfast or will need to have eaten prior to departure. All other meals
will be provided.

Scouts should have a foot locker packed with their clothes and items for
camp, and a backpack with their toiletry kit, one day’s worth of clothing
and any items they would like in the vehicle. The should also have their
sleeping bag and a pillow separate from their footlocker, all other items
will be in their footlocker. They will not be able to get to their
footlocker until we arrive at camp. The backpack can double for carrying
items at camp. It is recommended that each scout carry a rain jacket, water
bottle, scout book and any other materials they may need for class on a
daily basis.

The temperature will be high 70’s during the day and high 50’s at night, so
pack clothes suitable for the weather. We recommend that the scout bring a
footlocker for all gear, except what they will be carrying in the vehicle.
(Google Contigo storage footlocker for an idea of what this looks like and
the size, they are available at Walmart and Academy.) We will generally
load up the footlockers in the trailer one to three days prior to departure
for camp, so we do not have to do this the morning of departure.

Please put his name on anything that you want to come back home! If there
is something without his name and it is lost, (or accidental picked up by
another scout) there is no way to get it back to him!

No cell phones in camp please, camp will not likely have any service. They
can take electronics for the ride there, but they do not leave the vehicle.
In addition, we will not be responsible for missing items; that is why we do
not recommend taking them. Think about what you send to camp. Grandpa’s
scout knife is awesome, but not if it is lost at camp!

Any medications must be given to our medical “officer”. Camp does not
permit scout to have any over the counter or prescription medicines. All
money for your scout should be placed in an envelope with his name and given
to our money “officer”. An adult will dispense it to the scout as they
request. We do not want scouts to have money on their person unless they
are using it for their merit badge classes or they know they are going to go
to the camp’s scout store. They are welcome to shop and buy things, we just
don’t want them to have all their money in one places, especially if that
place is lost.

There are a few families that will be in the area, so do be aware that
Wednesday night is family night. The camp has mountain music and
activities out on the lawn. All parents and family members are invited to
camp for a great time, and to enjoy fellowship with their scouts. Dinner for
guests cost $5, tickets can be purchased in the trading post. Chapel is held
at 8:30PM. Guests are encouraged to stay for a flag retirement ceremony
during the evening campfire immediately following Vespers. If you have
family that is going to visit, please let Jaff Dadd know before the troop
leaves for camp.

Uniform Name Tag Order

The Troop is putting together a Scout uniform name tag order. Many of our new Scouts and parents may have noticed the name tags worn above the right shirt pocket. The blank name tags have been ordered and arrangements have been made with Seabreeze Embroidery to put the names on the tags. Tags are 1″ x 4″. The completed tag will then need to be sewn on the shirt like any other uniform patch.

Due to time constraints, your order will need to be placed by email. Please email the number of name tags and the name(s) to be on the tag(s) to Russell Rau at The cost per name tag is $6.00 ($2,50 for the blank and $3.50 for the embroidery work). You can make payment at an upcoming Scout meeting. For parents, this is a great way to not lose that Scout shirt. For those going to Summer Camp, we are going to push the timetable the best we can to hopefully get the tags completed before Summer Camp time. Please get your orders in as soon as possible.

We have ordered 25 blank tags. Priority will be given to our new Scouts. The balance, first come, first served. If necessary, more blanks will be ordered.

Thanks everyone!

Summer Merit Badge Classes at HMNS

This Summer, if you are determined (And financially independent!  And can make travel arrangements!!), you can earn as many as 7 merit badges by taking classes at the Houston Museum of Natural Science (HMNS), but you’ll have to be willing to travel to both the Sugarland and Hermann Park facilities.  HMNS currently has 20 merit badge classes to choose from, provided on 7 separate occasions:

  • 12-16 June at Sugarland,
  • 19-23 June at Hermann Park,
  • 5-7 July (3 days only) at Sugarland,
  • 10-14 July at Hermann Park,
  • 24-28 July at Sugarland,
  • 31 July – 4 Aug at Hermann Park, and
  • 14-18 Aug at Sugarland

I’ve attached a table to show all of their classes.  And HMNS has also provided a PDF covering everything you could ever want to know.