Summer Camp Merit Cost, Payment Schedule, Badge Choices and Extra Fees

Posted by on March 31, 2018

An email was sent out with an attachment listing Merit Badge choices and times for Summer Camp.  If you haven’t done so already, please print and fill out your 1st-3rd choices for your merit badge classes and bring to the meeting on Monday.  Summer camp dates are June 23-July 1.

Fee schedule is as follows:

March 1 $100.00

April 1 $100.00

May 1  $100.00

Adults: $200  Scouts: $300


Also, Here is the list of extra fees associated with certain MB:

Art/Sculpture MB: $5

Basketry MB: $12

Indian Lore MB: $12

Robotics MB: $20

Horsemanship MB: $25

Space Exploration MB: $12

Wood Carving MB: $12

Shotgun MB: $25

*COPE: $25

*Mountain Man: $25

*ATV Adventure: $25

*Program fees apply to both adult and youth participants

  • Pistol Shooting doesn’t have times shown. The pistol course is taught at camp for Scouts 14 or older. The sign up will not be on the online registration system. It is a very limited class and therefore they offer signups at camp and typically use a lottery system.
  • Is your first-year scout program a full day or half day program? The Summer Camp first-year program is 1/2 day, all week. The remaining half day can be used for taking merit badge classes. The leaders guide has symbols next to the badges that are suggested for younger scouts.
  • How old must Scouts be to take the Shotgun Shooting Merit badge? The camp does not set an age limit on Shotgun or Rifle Shooting Merit badges however, you should use extreme discretion when signing up for these badges. Both Shotguns and rifles are heavy and some smaller kids do not have the physical strength to handle these firearms. This is particularly noticeable with shotguns. The proper stance, recoil, and volume of shots required to qualify are all factors that affect a young Scout’s ability to pass this badge. It is highly suggested that this badge be restricted to older Scouts that can handle a 10lb target rifle and shotgun.

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