Summer Camp Merit Cost, Payment Schedule, Badge Choices and Extra Fees

An email was sent out with an attachment listing Merit Badge choices and times for Summer Camp.  If you haven’t done so already, please print and fill out your 1st-3rd choices for your merit badge classes and bring to the meeting on Monday.  Summer camp dates are June 23-July 1.

Fee schedule is as follows:

March 1 $100.00

April 1 $100.00

May 1  $100.00

Adults: $200  Scouts: $300


Also, Here is the list of extra fees associated with certain MB:

Art/Sculpture MB: $5

Basketry MB: $12

Indian Lore MB: $12

Robotics MB: $20

Horsemanship MB: $25

Space Exploration MB: $12

Wood Carving MB: $12

Shotgun MB: $25

*COPE: $25

*Mountain Man: $25

*ATV Adventure: $25

*Program fees apply to both adult and youth participants

  • Pistol Shooting doesn’t have times shown. The pistol course is taught at camp for Scouts 14 or older. The sign up will not be on the online registration system. It is a very limited class and therefore they offer signups at camp and typically use a lottery system.
  • Is your first-year scout program a full day or half day program? The Summer Camp first-year program is 1/2 day, all week. The remaining half day can be used for taking merit badge classes. The leaders guide has symbols next to the badges that are suggested for younger scouts.
  • How old must Scouts be to take the Shotgun Shooting Merit badge? The camp does not set an age limit on Shotgun or Rifle Shooting Merit badges however, you should use extreme discretion when signing up for these badges. Both Shotguns and rifles are heavy and some smaller kids do not have the physical strength to handle these firearms. This is particularly noticeable with shotguns. The proper stance, recoil, and volume of shots required to qualify are all factors that affect a young Scout’s ability to pass this badge. It is highly suggested that this badge be restricted to older Scouts that can handle a 10lb target rifle and shotgun.

A word from the acting Scout Master, dated 24 March (sorry so slow to post this):


Troop 2322 Family,

It has been another good week.  The scout got some time to enjoy the evening outside. This is the first time in several months of being in doors.  A lot of new things are happening and I want to let you all know.  In the last month our Scout Master (SM) is taking some time off to deal with personal issues. I was asked to help and stand in as SM. Also I have another ASM dealing with family health issues.  That being said we trying to do the best we can with 3 current ASMs. I like to inform all of you the James Langston has made the commitment to help the ASMs out and is an official ASM for Troop 2322.  Congratulations.

My one goal to the Troop is to try to keep good communication with the parents and the Scouts. So saying this, there are several items I need to inform all of you.

Monday March 26th, at 7 PM, there will be elections for SPL, ASPL, and Patrol Leaders. If you sons wants to run for one of the three positions he must go to and find the forms for Leadership and fill them out.  I will have them attached to this email for your convenience.  However, there is a policy that we did not follow well for the last year that I will be reimplementing. The positions that the Scouts are running for, they must be at events and show that they are active in doing that position for at least 50% of the time. We also like the parents to join us Monday night so that I and Bill Meyer can discuss with your son and you what is expected. The positions are taken seriously and if done well they get full credit towards their rank. When you go to the website and open the one document it will show all the leadership positions that I am looking to fill. We will have elections on those other positions during the meeting on the following week. Any scout can run for a position. It’s highly encourage for Star Scouts and above to run for a position. One of the requirements for each rank from Star up must hold a position for 6 months.

The troop has two major events in April that has been planned. April 14th and 15th we planned for a camping trip. On April 21st we are assisting with the Cub-O-Ree in doing the catapult. I will be discussing with the troop if they prefer to do camping at Huntsville State Park and stay for the day at Camp K or Camp at both locations or cancel Huntsville and camp at Camp K for the weekend.  That will be a decision the boys will make.

As all might have seen, Summer Camp is coming up at the end of June. I checked today and found that the camp if filled up for that week. For the boys there was emails sent out for merit badges. I also had generated a form that needs to be filled out so that you can choose your classes.  ALSO….We need to check our physical forms. If you are due for a physical than you need to get one before we go.

I know that in the last 6 months has been difficult with Harvey, Snow, and Ice. School had to adjust to those changes. The result is that there are NOT many Scouts showing up at the PLC meeting on the 3rd Wednesday of every month. PLC stands for (Patrol Leaders Council) where the leaders of the Troop along with any Scout from the troop can come and participate in the meeting, to decide what the troop will be doing in the coming month. Normally we meet at Double Daves off of FM 2094 across from Clear Creek High School.  The troop needs “synergy.”  I will be talking to the ASMs and the Troop about doing PLC meetings once a month on a Monday. This way everyone can partake in the meeting.

Finally, the communications between the Troop and the Scouts/Parents. It is not clear if all the parents are getting the emails. A few weeks ago, we had a Chord of Honor (COH), award ceremony, where I counted approx.. 18 Scouts. But I could not account for a parent to each scout. So I am not sure if you (the parents) are getting the emails. The boys decided to start communicating via the Remind app. I don’t know how you (the parents) feel about looking at your email and seeing many messages.  I have been finding I miss one or two when I am looking in my inbox.  So the question is do you (the parents) like to be put on the Remind app?

I have summarize the list of items that you can put on the refrigerator. The last item is that I would like to have an adult meeting during a Scout meeting with in the next month or two.  I would like to talk to each one of you so that I can get a feeling as to what you expect and see.  Having been an ASM for the last 4 years I have had a chance work with the Scouts. I find the ones that go far in Scouting is when the Scout gets support from the Parents as well as the ASM.

I thank you for your support,


Jeff Dadd

Troop 2322



Summary List

  1. SPL and ASPL & Patrol Leaders elections:
  2. Other position Elections:
  3. Camping Trip April 14th and 15th Huntsville
  4. Cub-O-Ree April 21st Catapolt only. Do we want to Camp or go for the day?
  5. Summer Camp: Form and Merit Badge choices on line.
  6. PLC Meeting: Hardly anyone shows up to PLC Meetings. Planning on doing 1 per month on a Monday.
  7. Parent Meeting: Needing help in transportation to different locations, and adult mentors.

Weekly update (26 Oct)

We are doing a flag retirement on Saturday in Kemah Oaks at their pavilion.  If you are able to assist, please come out at 4:30 to help start the program.  We will finish by 6pm, please reply if you can attend.

Kemah Oaks Pavilion, 1735 Kemah Oaks Dr.

OA Troop elections has been scheduled for next Monday 10/30 for our troop we will need all members there to vote

Popcorn sales forms must be turned in November 6th to the troop, so we can get the order entered.

We are still waiting for registration information for Fall Camp, keep watching email!

Troop dues are past due, please get them paid, if you have not already.

Troop Meetings and Events

If your scout is going on the campout this weekend to Fort Travis, the costs is $2.  If you have not paid, please bring on Friday

The troop will meet at 5:30 at the Lodge on Friday (20 Oct) for a 6pm departure to Fort Travis.  We anticipate returning between 11am and noon on Sunday (22 Oct).  Please keep an eye on your email!

On Monday (23 Oct), Charlie will be working on some of the teaching on camping.  Wolverine’s have Flag duty.

There will be a sign up for Saturday, October 28th for a Flag Retirement Ceremony for Kemah Oaks.  We need a good leader and some good volunteers.  Please sign up.

October 30 will be Realist First Aid (Flags by Dragon Slayer).

November 6  will be the 2nd Half of Charlie’s teaching.

November 3rd  is the Dinner Salute to Soldiers –  Please come out and help serve these heros.

And November 5th is the Breakfast Salute to Soldiers.

Our November outdoor activity is Fall Camp at Camp K.  The camp is like a mini summer camp, and a great opportunity for scouts to earn merit badges.  The camp registration has not opened yet, but please watch your email.  We will get out information, as soon as it is available. We will also need adults for the camp.

Sea Star Base Galveston Energy Merit Badge & STEM NOVA Start Your Engines

DATE: December 9, 2017

TIME: 8 a.m.-5 p.m.

PLACE: Sea Star Base Galveston, 7509 Broadway, Galveston, TX 77554

COST: $60 for 1 Youth AND/OR 1 Parent/Guardian NOTE: For Boy Scout programs the parent/guardian is welcome to attend but not required.

OCCUPANCY: Minimum of 8 must register in order for the class to happen. Maximum of  36.

PREREQUISITES: Scouts must complete the required prerequisites before arriving at SSBG. FIND THE PREREQUISITES HERE

Don’t ignore the prerequisites!  They are extensive and daunting, and will take time to complete!!

REGISTER BY: November 29, 2017

For additional details, look here.

Winter Camp

Get one last camp in before the end of the year; the event is scheduled for 26-31 Dec. Tackle archery, campfires, canoeing, and much more. Don’t let the weather stop you.  Cost is $175, which is similar to Fall camp, except that we’re not participating as a troop (so, you’ll need to register yourself, if you’re interested).  Registration starts on 15 Oct (this Sunday), and ends on 12 Dec.  Details can be found here.

CPR & First Aid Training

CPR Training teaches BSA volunteers, staff members and Scouts how to provide life-saving care in the event of an emergency.  There are 2 upcoming opportunities at Camp K, both are held from noon to 5 p.m., and both cost $30:

To attend the 19 Nov. (a Sunday, takes place during Fall Camp) session, register by 18 Nov.  Details can be found here.

To attend the 26 Dec. (a Tuesday, takes place during Winter Camp) session, register by 23 Dec.  Details can be found here.

Robotics Merit Badge Workshop

This Saturday (14 Oct), scouts can attend a workshop hosted by FIRST Robotics Competition Team 5414, Pearadox. The goals of the workshop are to teach young students about robotics using the EV3 kits.   Boy Scouts can complete requirements 4+5 of the Robotics Merit Badge.  There are two sessions you can sign up for. Both sessions are identical, so there is no need to sign up for both sessions.

The cost is $45-$60.


Pearland Junior High West

2337 North Galveston Avenue

Pearland, TX 77581

Details are available here.